Ethical Funds, Inc.

"It was 1992. And Canada's Credit Unions had a goal.
They wanted to offer their members a family of mutual funds that respected social and environmental values, while delivering top performance.

Five years later, that goal is a reality.

Today, with over $1.25 billion in assets, Ethical Funds is among the top-performing mutual funds in Canada, delivering impressive returns to over 110,000 investors from nearly 1000 credit union branches across Canada.

...The Ethical North American Equity Fund continues to be the leader with a 37.5% compounded one year rate of return. According to BellCharts to October 31, 1997 (the most recent survey): the Ethical North American Equity Fund ranked 9th out of 124 North American equity funds for the 1 year period; the Ethical Balanced Fund ranked 7th out of 185 Canadian balanced funds. Both Funds were consistently ranked among the top quartile in terms of performance for the 1, 3 and 5 year periods. The Ethical Growth Fund received the distinguished recognition as "Fund of the Year" in Gordon Pape's 1998 Buyer's Guide to Mutual Funds."

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