Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

"ICCR vigorously challenges corporations to make peace and social justice concerns part of the decision-making formula in business. Churches in America are stewards of billions of dollars of stocks and bonds in pensions and endowments. Members of the ICCR (churches, dioceses, and religious communities) accept the unique challenge of addressing issues of corporate responsibility with our resources, particularly our investments. Our covenant is to work ecumenically for justice in and through economic structures, and for stewardship of the earth and its resources. We publish The Corporate Examiner ten times yearly -reviewing publications and media, presenting opinions and ideas, and examining U.S. church and corporate policies and actions on nuclear weapons, environment, foreign investment, minorities and women, health, hunger, energy, human rights, and alternative investments. Please write for membership and subscription information."

[ICCR is now supporting the online Shareholder Activism Center]

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