S & B Ethical Investment

"S & B Ethical Investment Pty. Ltd. (ACN 004 531 800, Trading as Ethical Investment Services) has been providing financial planning services to the ethical investment market since 1988.

First, we listen. We have an hour's discussion with a new client to explore your investment needs and your ethical concerns.

Next, we use our research. We investigate the investment options that meet your financial and ethical needs. You'll receive a detailed report on each company proposed as an investment option, describing its performance in a number of ethical areas.

You can then make an independent and well-informed investment decision with our advice and guidance to assist you.

We then go ahead and organise your investment for you. We continue to manage and monitor your investment during its lifetime, keeping you informed and in touch with your portfolio.

Ethical Investment Services aims to help investors combine profit with principle, providing investment solutions that match your concerns."

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