The Social Investment Organization (SIO) in Canada

"Established in 1989, the Social Investment Organization (SIO) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of a socially and environmentally sustainable society through socially responsible investment (SRI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The SIO believes that all investment decisions have social implications. The incorporation of social and environmental values into our investment decisions will have positive impacts on our communities, our environment, and our society.

The SIO believes that business enterprises large and small also bear responsibility to our society beyond the marketplace. The fate of the corporation is intimately connected to the well-being of its employees, the communities they inhabit, and the society in which they participate.

The SIO believes that investment and business can provide critical links in the effort to develop a more socially and environmentally sustainable society.

...The SIO supports a diverse range of programs and initiatives to further advance the development of SRI and CSR. These include:

...The SIO has more than 450 members in Canada and overseas, including financial institutions, private corporations, social justice organizations, screened investment funds, and socially concerned individuals.

The SIO is Canada's largest clearinghouse of SRI and CSR information. Our information exchange helps investors connect with investment professionals, educational materials, and regular coverage of SRI news..."

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