Stewardship Trust

"Stewardship, launched by Friends Provident in 1984, is the UK's first and largest range of ethical investment funds. Stewardship aims to invest in companies which make a positive contribution to society and seeks to avoid companies which harm the world, its people or its wildlife.

The Stewardship unit trusts are provided by Friends' Provident Unit Trust Managers Limited, a member of the Friends Provident Marketing Group.

Friends Provident was founded by Quakers in 1832, and has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most progressive and successful insurance and investment groups in the UK.

With over two million individual policies and accounts, and subsidiaries and affiliates across fourteen countries, the Friends Provident group manages assets of around £18 billion worldwide. Friends Provident is highly respected in the UK insurance and investment industry, recognised for a comprehensive product range, competitively priced products, quality service and long term investment performance."

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