Working Opportunity Fund

"Q: What is the Working Opportunity Fund?

A: The Working Opportunity Fund (EVCC) Ltd. is a labour-sponsored venture capital fund owned entirely by approximately 23,000 individual working British Columbians, who are assisted in their decision to invest in the Fund by the provision of tax credits by the federal and provincial governments. There are no single large shareholders.

2. Q: What is the purpose of the Fund?

A: The Fund's purpose is to provide a strong return on capital for its shareholders by making equity investments in small to medium sized innovative, high-growth British Columbia companies. It seeks long-term appreciation on investment.

3. Q: Is it a government fund?

A: No. The two levels of government facilitate the Fund's capital raising through tax credits in order to promote BC business development, but that is their only connection. The Fund is completely private; it's owned 100% by its shareholders.

4. Q: Does the Fund invest only in unionized companies?

A: No. Whether a company is unionized or not does not enter into consideration when making investment decisions.

5. Q: When did the Fund start?

A: The Fund first offered shares to the public on January 8, 1992."

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