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Global problems require global solutions. World federalism addresses the international community's need to develop adequate, democratic means of making political decisions on a global scale. The World Federalists of Canada (WFC) provides a context where people committed to world community can meet, share ideas and support the programs and campaigns which take us closer to the larger goal.

WFC is a national non-profit membership organization. Membership in the World Federalists of Canada includes a subscription to the Canadian World Federalist bulletin, published three times annually, as well as membership in the international World Federalist Movement (WFM). The WFC President is Dr. Lois M. Wilson. The WFM President is Sir Peter Ustinov.

To join the World Federalists, you can fill in the details in the form below, (noting in the comments area of the form that you are mailing in your payment).

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World Federalists of Canada
Suite 207, 145 rue Spruce Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6P1

Tel: (613) 232-0647 Fax: (613) 563-0017

Membership rates:
Individual $35; Limited Income $12;
Household $50; Contributor $75

(Note: If you require a tax creditable receipt, and wish to support the
research and educational activities of the World Federalist movement
in Canada, make your cheque payable to the World Federalist Foundation.)

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