World Federalists of Canada 2001 Objectives


The World Federalists of Canada (WFC) promotes global governance that is democratically accountable and based on the rule of law.

WFC, as part of the international World Federalist Movement, is a nonprofit organization of Canadians working for global economic and legal justice, peace and ecological sustainability by promoting the application of the principles of democratic federalism to world affairs.

Federalism is a way for political communities -- local, regional, national or international -- to act together on matters of common concern while still retaining their identities and legitimate rights.


To promote democratic global governance in the areas of international human rights, international trade, world environmental protection and world peace.



To assist selected low-income countries in ratifying and implementing the Rome Statute for an International Criminal Court.

To examine and publicize options for a proposed parliamentary assembly at the World Trade Organization.

And also,

To increase awareness about the importance of implementing in good faith the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

To contribute to the preparatory process for the 2002 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED + 10).

To foster dialogue among nongovernmental organizations, the federal government and academics on proposals for a standing United Nations peacekeeping force.

To advocate Canada's rejection of participation in the US National Missile Defense project, a setback to disarmament and international law.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the work of Canada's world federalists in their pursuit of democratic global governance.


We will organize four regional training seminars on ratifying and implementing the Rome Statue for an International Criminal Court -- one in Cameroon, one in Namibia, one in Jamaica and another in an Asian country.

We will invite parliamentarians and nongovernmental representatives to a roundtable in Ottawa to consider options for a proposed parliamentary assembly at the World Trade Organization, and publish a discussion paper for presentation to the European Parliament in Brussels, April 2001.

We will prepare a briefing paper on climate protection for our membership prior to the resumption of negotiations on the rules for implementing the Kyoto Protocol.

We will, in co-operation with the World Federalist Movement, publish a brief on the appropriateness of upgrading the United Nations Environment Programme into a World Environment Organization.

We will convene a roundtable in Ottawa for nongovernmental organizations, federal government officials and academics to consider options for a proposed standing United Nations peacekeeping force, and circulate a meeting summary before the May 2001 meeting of the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping.

We will prepare a briefing paper on the US National Missile Defense project for our membership, and communicate to the federal government our opposition to the project.

We will publish a history of the early years of the world federalist movement in Canada, and hold a 50th anniversary event.
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