Are You a World Federalist?

The time is right  -- the need is now -- to join a worldwide movement working toward democratic global governance.

Anyone interested in attaining global economic and legal justice, peace and ecological sustainability by applying the principles of democratic federalism to world affairs is welcome in the World Federalists of Canada. The World Federalists of Canada is neither affiliated with any political party nor religious organization; and so its supporters, like humanity itself, are diverse.

Membership in the World Federalists of Canada includes a subscription to Mondial, a credible source of information and opinion on global governance issues. Your membership in the World Federalists of Canada helps support the international World Federalist Movement as a portion of your annual membership dues is remitted to the World Federalist Movement headquarters at the United Nations in New York. Unfortunately, current tax regulations make membership in the World Federalists of Canada ineligible for charitable tax benefit.

To support our educational and research work and receive a charitable tax receipt, you can make a donation to the World Federalist Foundation, the charitable partner organization of the World Federalists of Canada.

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