President's report on CURAC Conference

Report on CURAC Conference

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Position paper on Homecare
Summary of Campus Parking

Documents for 2015 Membership Meeting

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Overview and introduction.

The Association of Retired Faculty and Librarians of York University (ARFL) believes that both the University and retirees benefit from a close and continuing post-retirement association. We represent the interests of retired faculty and librarians and we are particularly concerned with pensions and post-retirement benefits. These include both medical and dental benefits as well as issues such as post-retirement teaching, supervision of postgraduate students and continued access to research funding. ARFL is associated with the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) who bargains for post-retirement benefits on our behalf. We are also a member of the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC). ARFL keeps in touch with its members via a newsletter as well as this website and email. We also maintain an internet discussion group which members may join and participate in. If you are a retiree who is not a member of ARFL, we urge you to join us so that we can continue to have a strong voice at York in support of the interests of retirees. A membership form is available from the links at the top of this page (aussi disponible en français). Here are links to the flyer we make available to newly retired faculty and librarians, and to our constitution :

ARFL Flyer page 1

ARFL Flyer page 2

Constitution of the Association

The documents pertaining to the YUFA Benefit Trust as well as the YUFA Trust and YUFA Foundation are available at

Trust Documents

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2015 Spring Newsletter is now on-line

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Recent News ....................

Correction to, and update re new 2012-15 YUFA contract on, information about PER accounts.

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Roger Heeler, valued member of the ARFL Executive and previous Editor of the Newsletter died last (2012) summer.
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Previous News ...................

Some Previous News items, such as those re past membership meetings, now the 2013 May Membership, the 2012 November Annual General, etc, have been designated legacy, and may be accessed by clicking here.

Access Copyright

 If you own the copyright to material you have published you may be able to
 collect payment for reproduction of your work.  See the details at this link:
Copyright payback [PDF] The website for registering for Access Canada is Access copyright

Pension Questions

 Here are some questions and answers about the current state of the York
 Pension Plan and how this will effect your present and future pensions.

 Pension Questions [PDF]

Home and Auto Insurance, CARP membership.

 CURAC has arranged special rates for home and auto insurance
 though Waterloo Insurance.  The information is contained in

 Letter from CURAC [PDF]

 Members who are interested can contact Waterloo Insurance directly.
 The ARFL Executive has no independent information about the company
 or the competitiveness of its rates and is circulating this letter
 for information only.

 CURAC has also arranged for reduced membership rates for CARP
 (Canadian Association of Retired Persons).  For details see
 Reduced CARP Membership Rates

PER accounts

 [ The following paragraph in dark red was added 2012 Nov 13.
   Also a previous incorrect date of December 31 of a year has been
   corrected to November 30 in the original text. ]
 The 2012-15 YUFA collective agreement has extended PER entitlements for
 future retirees and to those retired faculty who received an annual credit
 to their PER account in May of 2012.  PER will now be available to retirees
 for a maximum of 15 years or to age 75, whichever occurs sooner.

 When Senior Scholars receive notice that they will be receiving their last
 PER allocation in May of a given fiscal year, the funds in the account must
 be committed by the end of the following April.  However, they are allowed
 7 months (until November 30th of that year) to submit claims against any
 accumulated balance in the PER accounts.  At that time (November 30th of
 that year, that is), their PER account is deactivated but the Senior Scholar
 would still be entitled to other non-cash privileges such as use of computer
 and secretarial services, access to office space, eligibility for travel/
 research grants, etc.

 If you feel that these procedures have not been followed in the case 
 of your PER account you should contact Barry Miller for clarification : 
 Please let ARFL know if any problems cannot be resolved satisfactorily: 

 Retirees were recently notified of new conditions on the use of
 PER funds.  ARFL considered this new policy to be excessively restrictive 
 and some members of the ARFL executive met with the Vice-Preseident
 Academic, Patrick Monahan, to request a review of the PER policy.
 The Vice-President was sympathetic to our concerns and initiated a review
 of the new policy.  We are pleased to inform you that the use of PER funds
 to attend conferences or for professional dues and membership in learned
 societies is now the same as for pre-retirees provided the retiree is a
 Senior Scholar who is teaching or is engaged in appropriate scholarly activity.

 Reimbursement, Senior Scholars [PDF]

 Another significant change is that the expense reports are now approved by 
 a Dean or Principal instead of the Vice-President Research.  We would like
 to thank Vice-President Monahan for taking up this issue on behalf of retirees
 and for restoring the use of PER funds equivalent to pre-retirees for those
 retirees who are active scholars.

Post-Retirement Health Benefits

 Here is some information about post retirement benefits and
 alternate providers for retired members.  This article appeared
 in the September 2007 ARFL Newsletter.
 Retiree Health Benefits [PDF]

Shadow Pension

 The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) tribunal has
 rendered its decision on the question of whether concept of a 'shadow pension'
 was supported by the language of the York Pension Plan.
 The Tribunal found that there was a difference between 'pension payable' and
 'pension paid' and, as  a result, the University was entitled to continue to
 calculate the 'pension payable' (even though it was not being paid) and apply
 the adjustment to that amount, only increasing the 'pension paid' when the
 'pension payable' exceeded the previous year's 'pension paid'.
 In short, the 'shadow pension' will remain.

 There may be further hearings on a couple of outstanding issues.  However, 
 no decision on whether these will proceed has been decided at this time.

2006 Cohort

 The grievance concerning the 2006 Cohort has been settled.
 Details [PDF] 

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